The Dr Louise Newson Podcast

126 - What does the evidence say about breast cancer and HRT? With Professor Isaac Manyonda

November 16, 2021

Professor Isaac Manyonda is back by popular demand to discuss perhaps the most important issue for women considering and taking HRT; what is the risk of breast cancer if I take HRT? Professor Manyonda expertly takes the listeners through the different issues, one by one, including comparing the level of risks of breast cancer from HRT with lifestyle factors such as weight and alcohol intake. He outlines the risks according to different types of estrogen and progesterone, and explains the difference between estrogen receptor positive and negative breast cancers.

This episode is a must-listen for anyone who wants to be able understand – and clearly explain to others – the evidence-based picture around breast cancer and HRT, for both healthcare professionals and anyone interested in the topic.

Prof. Manyonda’s 3 take-home messages:

  1. The strong evidence shows that estrogen does not increase the risk of breast cancer and it could even have a protective effect.
  2. If you take estrogen and develop breast cancer you have a lower risk of dying from the cancer than women not taking estrogen.
  3. The benefits of HRT extend way beyond the improvement of your symptoms and include protection of the cardiovascular system, your bone health, your immune system, and potentially prevention of dementia.

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