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148 - Plant-based living with Happy Pear’s Dave and Steve Flynn

April 19, 2022

In 2004, Dave and Steve Flynn started a fruit and veg shop, with the aim to create a happier, healthier world. The Happy Pear now has vegan food products in nearly 1,000 stores in Ireland, 2 cafes and a farm, and their five cookbooks have all been no.1 bestsellers. The Happy Pear online health and lifestyle courses – in which they partnered with plant-based experts from across the globe – have helped over 50,000 people from 120 different countries.

In this episode, Dr Louise Newson chats with Dave and Steve about how they came to realise in their early 20’s that eating plant-based and whole foods would transform their own lives and those in their community. The lads energetically describe the different ways in which they have helped others turn their lives around, reduce risk of heart disease, feel happier and lose weight.

Dave and Steve’s 3 tips to improve your diet and future health:

  1. Try to eat more whole foods, if you don’t like many vegetables, start with fruit.
  2. Be more intentional about your food choices
  3. Find your community, create an environment around you that will support you to make healthy choices.

For more information about the Happy Pear cookbooks and lifestyle courses, visit

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